Thanks. Let’s Change Your Life

Module 1: Millionaire Mindset/Infinite Learner Mindset Method

Mindset is everything. Before we get started, you need to believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Too often we limit ourselves before we even get started. Arm you mind and this system will do the rest.


Module 2: Three-Tract Publisher System

We are going to make it super easy for your goals. Are you a writer? A Business owner? Or a Publisher? Our three tracts will help you get started and achieve your goals faster. We won’t waste your time, however, once you have done it one time, you will want to do it over, and over again. You may want to jump tracts in the future.

Tract 1: The Writer

Tract 2: The Business Owner

Tract 3: The Niche PublisherModule_2.html

Module 3: Measure Twice Cut Once Research Method

It doesn’t matter what niche or tract you are in, if you are doing it yourself, you need to do your research. In this module, you will learn what kind of research is needed for each tract keeping your goals in mind.

-Find your Niche
-See the top 10 Best Sellers in that Category
-See what kind of covers and colors they are usingModule_3.html

Module 4: Turnkey Writing Training

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Whether YOU are going to write your book, or you are going to outsource it. We will go over the exact steps you need to take and the various websites you can use to outsource for cheap.

-Make sure you use a text document and just write.
-Whether you have Mac or Windows operating systems, it doesn’t matter.Module_4.html

Module 5: Perfect Formatting Training

There are several ways to format and depending on which niche you are in, I am going to recommend what I think is the best. There is software, there are contractors, and then there is the old DIY. We will discuss the various options in this module.

-Don’t worry about the small details
-There is always someone going to know more about any part of the publishing processModule_5.html

Module 6: Turnkey Publishing Method

Here we are. The magic time to push the button. In this module we will discuss publishing options like digital, physical, and the benefits and downfalls of both. POD and sites like Amazon have changed the publishing landscape forever. Get ready to blast off!

-Depending on what is your goal and what tract you are in, I am going to recommend different avenues for each.
-It’s easy as 1, 2, 3Module_6.html

Module 7: Mogul Book Marketing Secrets

Even if you are in the Business Owner tract, you will want some tips to market your book and use your book as leverage to get paid more and attract better clients. If you are in the other two tracts, then you will want pay attention closely to this module.

-My book is published, now what?
-Social Media

Module 8: Email List Building Secrets Training

There’s a saying, “The money is the list”. Whether you have raving fans waiting for your next book, or potential clients who want to stay connected, the money IS in the list. Watch these sneaky secrets we use to get that email address and build your list and why you definitely want to.

-Use the following auto-responders or list management systems
-Use the system that I do to sneak a link into your bookModule_8.html

Module 9: Endless Digital Product Creation System

You have a book, you have a lead rocket, you have a list, now you need some products to sell. Whether you like to sell affiliate products or create your own, in this module we will talk about how to make a digital product, how to host, and how to get sales.

-Why digital products?
-How do make my own?
-Where do I got to list these?Module_9.html

Module 10: Bonuses

We jam packed this system with more value than you can use right now. Don’t worry you have lifetime access. Here are some other things to glance over and come back to when your ready for advanced training: affiliate marketing, coaching, the golden ranking system, audiobooks, mindmaps, powerpoint, videos, plr, squeeze pages, and more

-You know the basics, now here are some advanced techniques you will love
-Always over deliver: a happy customerBonuses.html