Bonus 1: Book Outsource Blueprint

Now that you’ve got your feet wet in the publishing arena, it’s time to learn how to outsource everything! Once you have some residuals rolling in, you can start to invest in your publishing business. You are just the manager. You will hire and outsource everything. Enjoy this awesome bonus!


Bonus 2: Your First Info Product

This is an amazing program! By itself, is worth easily $297. The information in this product creation system is invaluable. When you are ready, dive deep into making you’re own digital products, such as videos, audio courses, e-book trainings, and more. Learn where to post them, how to get people selling them for you and more! See you on the other side. Enjoy!

Bonus 3: Blogging for Profit

Another amazing bonus! Retails at $297, but is definitely worth thousands. Everything you need to know to blog, drive traffic, and profit from your blog. Learn how to get started and how to blast off through blogging to sell products, books, or services. Your’e welcome.